Primarily valleys in the region are carved by rivers. Small and scattered villages are situated on both sides of the rivers, and economic activity is mainly agricultural based.
Rama Valley

Rama Valley is a lake near Astore in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is on the top of the beautiful Astore Valley, with a light cover of oak trees and other greenery. There is not much greenery (as of 2013) due to illegal loging of the forest by locals and "timber mafia". The region has low average rainfall and low vegetation cover hence the loss of forest cover is of a very serious concern.

Rattu Valley

Rattu Valley is located 30 km west of Astore. Army High Atitude School at Rattu apart from being a military training institute is a tourist attraction, offering skiing facility to general public as well. Darley ladeat an elevation of 9900 ft (AMSI) is located 11 km from Rattu on route to Kamri Lake and surroundings contain pine forests and green meadows. Rupal face of nanga Parbat can be approached from Rattu valley. Kamri Bal Pass and shountar Pass linking Kashmir Valley with Gilgit Baltistan pass through Rattu Valley over 14000 ft . Ranjit Singh Hut at Rattu, constructed and used by Maharaja is a historical place and still maintains its majestic view.

Minimarg Valley

Historically, Gurais was part of ancient Dardistan, stretching between Sharada Peeth in the west, Minimarg in the north, Drass in the east, and Baghtor in the south. The valley falls along the ancient Silk Route, which connected the Kashmir Valley with Gilgit, before continuing further to Kashgar. Archaeological surveys in valleys north of Gurais have uncovered hundreds of carved inscriptions in Kharoshthi, Brahmi, and Tibetan. In particular, the carvings provide insights into the origins of the Kashmiri people and the early history of Buddhism.

Shingo Valley

This beautiful valley starts from Burzil Top and extends up to Shaqma Shingo River runs throughout the valley, joined by Shighar River, Bara Pani and Kala Pani. This river cross LOC and again re-enters Gilgit Baltsitan at olding sector to join Indus River. The valley is famous because of Chota Deosai (Dumba Bao Fields), also a field fiving range of Pakistan Army. Shingo Valley lying adjacent to Deosai Plains is also habitat of brown bear and home to some of the rarest species of Flora and Fauna.

Fairy meadows

Fairy Meadows is a lush green plateau located at a height of 10,000 ft. Many people refer it as "Heaven on earth" It also offer a breath taking view of Majestic Nanga Parbat. Fairy Meadows is a picturesque spot, surrounded by pine forests with summer settlements. It is 15 km from KKH. A narrow jeep track from Raikot bridge is available as an approach to this location. Raikot Bridge is approximately 76 km short of Gilgit from Rawalpindi.

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