Conway Saddle

It controls access to Siachen Glacier in the East and K-2 group of peaks and Shigar Valley in the West. The pass is flanked by Sia Kangri and Baltoro Kangri, which are over 24,000 feet high and are off shoots of Karakorum and Masherbrum Ranges respectively.

Sia La

It was normally used by mountaineers for expedition to Sia Kangri and Teram Kangri group of mountains. The pass is 6 kilometers from the glacier and 80 kilometers from Dansum. The Pass is immediately flanked by two peaks; Kumar Ridge in the North and Silver Throne Peak in the South.

Gyong La

It is located at an altitude of 18,665 feet and at a distance of 31 kilometers from Goma. The approach to the pass is very difficult.

Chullung La

It lies within the demarcated area, yet is isputed. It is almost mid-way between Chulanka and Dansum.

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