The GB Scouts AOR is home to a large number of rarest birds and birds and animals, some of them are

It is the largest wild goat and a member of gaoat antelope subfamily. In GB Scouts, Markhor is found in almost all areas. Markhors are noted for the massive, spirally twisted horns that grow on the adult males. Markhor is also the National animal of Pakistan.


Brown bear, an endangered specie, is only found in Pakistan and some areas of Canada. In Pakistan brown bear are found in Deosai/Mini Deosai, a sanctuary protected by WWF. While moving from Chillium to Skardu via Deosai brown bears are often seen near Kala Pani and Bara Pani beside brown bear, black is also found mostly in western parts of Domel and Kamri.

Musk Deer

Musk Deer are found in western parts of GB Scouts. They are famous for a substance called musk which is used for making perfumes and is extremely costly.


As the summers set in, flocks of ducks and migratory birds from China and Central Asia cross over to this area. White headed ducks and Mallots are few of these birds. These birds are found in almost all lakes of the area.

Chukar Partridge

The chukar Partridge is a Eurasian upland bird. This bird has well marked black and white bars on the flanks and a black band running from the forehead across the eye and running down the head to form a necklace that encloses a white throat. It is found in entire part of the Gilgit Baltistan


The chukar is a 13-14 inch long bird, with a light brown back, grey breast, and buff belly. The shads vary across the various populations. The face is white with a black garget. It has rufous-streaked flanks, red legs and coral red bill. The sharply defined garget distinguishes this specie from the Chukar Partridge which has black collar breaking into dark streaks near the breast. Chukar is bigger in size than Chukar Partridge. It is locally known as Ram Chakor and is found in eastern parts of Gilgit Baltistan


It is a local animal of cow family. Zho is used in these areas as a source of meat and milk. Zho is also used for the transpiration purposes. Zho Polo, game of polo played on Zho, is of traditional importance to the locals of the area.


It is beautiful rabbit like animal belonging to the rodent family. Marmet is mostly seen in the area from May-Sep. Marmet hibernate during the winter season and reappear after melting of the snow. Marmet is also known as the Big Rat and called "Turshoon" in local language.


Gilgit Baltistan region is home to some of the rarest species of Hawks. The hawks are found mainly in the areas of Deosai Plains. Hawks are seen in this area during summers.

Sparrow Hawk

The Sparrow hawkare mainly found in forests and prey primarily on birds of moderate size, such as pigeons, sparrows and doves in suburban areas. These are also found in Deosai Plains.

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