Gilgit Serena Hotel

Sarena hotel is located in Jutial Village in the lap of Jutial Mountains just opposite famous Mount Rakaposhi.

Skardu Shangri-La Hotel

Shangrila Resort Skardu nestled amongst some of the world's highest peaks. It encircles the heart shaped "Kachura Lake", surrounded by fruit laden orchards and flower filled gardens.

Hunza Baltit Inn

Small hotel in the high mountains of Pakistan offers breathtaking views of Rakaposhi & Ultar Mountain. The hotels is small but worth every moment in it, one can stay a week without getting board of seeing just the scenery of Hunza valley.

Gilgit PTDC Motel Inn

PTDC Motel, Gilgit is located opposite the famous Chinar Bagh in the Capital of the Northern Areas. Only a few minutes away from the Airport, with daily flights to and from Islamabad, the Motel is convenient for all kind of tourists.

Hunza Eagles Nest

Eagle Nest located at a height of about 10000 feet above sea level accessible by jeep from Hunza it is small hotel at scanning point where tourist visit in early morning for sunrise. The hotel has magnificent views of Rakaposhi, Ultar, Golden peak & other snow capped mountains.

Bagrote Sarai Hotel

A beautiful waterfall in a magnificient place Bagrote Sarai hotel is located in Bagrote. Mr Raza, owner, manager, and cook, will be proud to serve you mountain tea and local food and if you like he tells you all he knows about the natural beauty and the history of this area.

Gulmit Continental Hotel

Gulmit Continental Hotel, one of the most easily accessible view points in the whole of the Gojal valley. Even if you don't have time to stay long it is must come up to see the Sunrise and Golden Sunset views on lovely Tupopdan peak and the other peaks surrounding Gulmit Continental Hotel. Guests that stay at Gulmit Continental Hotel can even enjoy the sunrise on lovely Tupopdan peak from their rooms.

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